Adelaide Mobile Physiotherapy is a boutique physio clinic that specializes in Active Rehabilitation and injury prevention.


If you are suffering from pain, it can be tempting to temporarily ease it with a quick-fix massage or spinal adjustment.


We believe that in order to truly repair and prevent injuries, you need to treat the underlying cause – this way the results are long lasting and can be prevented from returning.  We use a mixture of home exercise, postural retraining and various physiotherapy techniques to empower our patients to take ownership of their recovery. With the use of a fully equipped Pilates studio, we conduct thorough, whole-body assessments in order to create unique and personalised exercise programs to get you mobile!


We understand that it is hard sometimes to get out of the house to make it to appointments, whether you’ve had a surgery that prevents you from driving or have just had a baby and simply can’t find the time. We do offer home visits under special circumstances, so please call us to discuss.

About Adelaide Mobile Physiotherapy